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Ms. Lee represents healthcare organizations, both academic and corporate, in government investigations of healthcare fraud and in compliance matters. She also represents individual healthcare professionals, including doctors, dentists, pharmacists, and administrators in cases of Medicare and Medicaid fraud, prescription drug diversion, and a compliance audits and investigations.

Ms. Lee’s approach to healthcare matters combines her extensive personal knowledge of medical and compliance issues with assistance from a wide array of nationally-recognized experts in the field. Ms. Lee works with well-established investigators to gather critical information from witnesses. She has years of experience collecting and managing large volumes of documentary material and electronic records to assist in preparing the case. Ms. Lee has developed strong professional working relationships with federal and state prosecutors, which provides for flexibility in negotiations with government agencies. Using her skills in analyzing evidence and researching legal and factual issues, she obtains resolutions that meet each client’s unique needs.

Examples of Ms. Lee’s healthcare work:

  • Represented a pharmacist who diverted significant quantities of narcotics over a period of several years. The case was resolved with no charges filed.
  • Represented over a dozen administrators in a long federal investigation of claims of improper Medicare billing by the University of Washington School of Medicine. At the conclusion of the investigation, none of Ms. Lee’s clients were charged.
  • Represented a doctor indicted on charges of improper prescribing and billing of durable medical equipment. After a thorough investigation of the circumstances and several meetings with federal prosecutors, the case was dismissed.
  • Represented a doctor accused of improperly storing, prescribing, and diverting Schedule II narcotics. The case was resolved with a misdemeanor plea and no jail time.
  • In addition, Ms. Lee has represented healthcare corporations and individuals in a variety of investigations in which no charges were filed and the investigations were closed without action. Due to the private nature of these cases, no reference to the facts is included here.