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Ms. Lee represents corporate officers, executives and other professionals in white collar criminal investigations and prosecutions. She also assists corporations in conducting internal investigations based on whistleblower allegations, audit reports, or compliance-related issues. With years of experience handling complex white collar investigations, Ms. Lee is uniquely suited to represent clients facing allegations of tax evasion, securities fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, and mortgage fraud.

Financial crimes are investigated and prosecuted by both the state and federal government. At any one time, and depending on the degree of perceived impact, the government may be more or less focused on particular types of financial criminal activity. During the mortgage and housing crisis, investigators nationwide turned their attention to investigations of banks, mortgage brokers, and in some cases, borrowers. The past decade has also demonstrated the government’s increased attention to investigations of securities fraud, computer intrusion and theft, campaign finance fraud, international money laundering, and violation of export regulations.

Ms. Lee’s work in financial and other white-collar crimes includes:

  • Represented the Chief Financial Officer of a Fortune 100 company during an investigation of options backdating. The case resolved with no charges filed against the client or the corporation.
  • Represented an individual client in a tax evasion investigation involving hundreds of thousands of documents and allegations that the client participated in complex manipulation of corporate entities in order to hide personal revenue. The trial ended in a hung jury, and the client later entered into a plea agreement on reduced charges.
  • Represented an employee of a fuel transportation company who was prosecuted for participating in the theft of millions of gallons of gasoline from Seattle’s Harbor Island. The case was resolved with a plea to a below-guidelines sentence and a financial settlement with the state.
  • Represented a drilling-rig supervisor during a federal investigation of allegedly illegal waste disposal activities at a North Slope oil drilling site. Ms. Lee’s client was considered a target throughout the lengthy investigation. The case was resolved with no charges filed against the rig supervisor.